“Rasarang Meetha Paan” is the brainchild of Radha & Rahul Mhaske who are Managing Director and Director of Monsoon Agro Bio. Pvt. Ltd. Pune.

Rahul is a Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years of experience in agriculture, cold chain, and food processing industry. He is also an activist involved in farmers movements.

Radha is a Home Science graduate with 20 years of experience in food processing and recipe development. Her areas of specialization are ethnic food and corn-based recipes.

Introducing Frozen Meetha Paan

Being in Frozen Sweet corn industry over two decades and having the background of ethnic food, thus evolved “Rasarang Frozen Meetha Paan” which is a pure herbal product based on Ayurvedic ingredients. This Meetha Paan in “Frozen Vacuum Packed” form is introduced first time in India to the palates of Punekar’s, to begin with.

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product-meetha paan1

Family Pack

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