In Indian culture Beeda or Tambool (Betel Leaf) commonly known as Paan, symbolizes auspicious beginnings. Beeda is treated as royal gesture and is offered as a token of alliances, friendships & invitations. As per Ayurveda, our food contains 6 (Six) primary juices/fluids called Rasa’s, they are Pungent, Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter and Astringent.

The Astringent Rasa is found is Amla, unripe fruits, and Beeda. Thus consuming Beeda after food improves digestion, by the inclusion of astringent fluid, which it benefits our metabolism.

Beeda has also aphrodisiac qualities which have been expounded in Kamsutra.

Ancient literature emphasis the fact that, Beeda enhanced the beauty of historic evergreen Valentine’s Radha & Mastani by adding cosmetic value to their lips.

Rasarang Beeda thus is a Digester, Mouth Freshner, Corporate Gift, Valentine Gift, Anytime bite, Welcome gesture, Dessert.

Whatever you eat Italian, Chinese, Indian or any Global cuisine, digest it to perfection with Rasarang Beeda.

Raja Kelkar Museum Pune has a collection of over 150 ancient Beeda boxes and accessories.

Also called Trayodashi Guni Veeda in Marathi.

Contents: Betel Leaf, Kattha, Cloves, Cardamom, Nutmeg, Coconut, Javitri, Lime, Sunth, Jesthamadh, Gulkand, Dhana Dal, Camphor, Pimpali, Kankol, Thandak.

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Paan is Reborn


Friendship Pack 2 Nos.

MRP Rs. 50/-

Family Pack 6 Nos.

Save Rs. 10/-